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Do I need a buyer's agent?

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Have you been searching for a new home or investment property for 6 months or longer? Why not engage a ‘secret agent’ to help?

If you:

· Keep getting outbid at auction

· Have a pre-approval for a home loan which keeps expiring

· Are struggling to find time to search for properties

· Feel like its hard to trust the ‘property experts’

· Are keen to buy but feel completely out of your depth

· Feel there are too many choices and not sure what is a good buy

Then a professional buyer’s agent can help you !

For most people, property will be the biggest financial investment they will ever make. You wouldn’t make an important financial decision without consulting a professional , so when buying a property, why shouldn’t you seek and support guidance from an experienced professional?

Who is a buyer’s agent and what do they do: define a Buyer’s agent as someone who specialises in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of a buyer.Whilst they are licensed, they do not sell real estate.

Having your own Buyer’s Agent on your side gives you confidence, helps save time, and gives you non-biased truthful advise.

They focus on representing the buyer throughout the entire real estate process – helping secure their dream home or investment property.

Amanda Gould, Principal Buyers Agent of High Spec Properties explains that an agent’s drive is to give the buyer the best representation that they deserve when purchasing a property. “We simplify the buying process by offering our clients a competitive advantage that only a buyer’s agent can provide”.

Amanda has helped countless clients to purchase their ideal properties sooner and  has helped to give them an advantage in a highly competitive market. Why not give her a call on 0410 608 352 or visit her website for more information.  

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